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Allison Ramsey Co. Foundation

Donate More To What You Love!

Kids Must Have Access To More Technology In Their Schools. We Donate Computers & iPads To The Schools Highest In Need. The Kids Learn Basic Skills On These Computers & iPads: Emailing, Creating Digital Presentations, Saving Files, Cutting & Pasting for Their Future. Their Future Depends On It!


Donate More To What You Love!
Children & Teenagers need the proper technology in schools to progress in their tech skills.

This is their key to more freedom & to rise up beyond their circumstances.

They can use these tech skills for a paid internship in high school & possibly go into engineering in college.

In most schools you will most likely find a limited amount of lap-tops & iPads, or a lot of broken ones.

The budget is simply not there for a lot of schools to add more technology.

Schools go through an application process with our Foundation, then we donate lap-tops & iPads to the schools most in need in the USA.

The kids can learn tech skills on high quality lap-tops & iPads. Emailing, typing, making presentations, basic coding are all skills kids learn with these lap-tops & iPads.

These are basic skills all kids need to get a job in the future. A lot of kids do not have computers or iPads at home or Wi-Fi & schools are the only place they learn tech skills.

Their futures depend on it!

Donate to something you care about. Technology. When you donate your donation goes straight to the schools most in need.